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The article "Rydberg Atom-Enabled Spectroscopy of Polar Molecules via Förster Resonance Energy Transfer" is published by the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 

News from Nov 14, 2022

Sabrina Patsch, Martin Zeppenfeld, Christiane P. Koch.
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 13, 10728 (2022). 

Non-radiative energy transfer between a Rydberg atom and a polar molecule can be controlled by a DC electric field. Here we show how to exploit this control for state-resolved, non-destructive detection and spectroscopy of the molecules where the lineshape reflects the type of molecular transition. Using the example of ammonia, we identify the conditions for collision-mediated spectroscopy in terms of the required electric field strengths, relative velocities, and molecular densities. Rydberg atom-enabled spectroscopy is feasible with current experimental technology, providing a versatile detection method as basic building block for applications of polar molecules in quantum technologies and chemical reaction studies.

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