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  • Fernando Gago-Encinas, Monika Leibscher, and Christiane P. Koch.
    Graph test of controllability in qubit arrays: A systematic way to determine the minimum number of external controls.
    arXiv:2212.04828 (2022).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]
  • Baruch Margulis, Karl P. Horn, Daniel M. Reich, Meenu Upadhyay, Nitzan Kahn, Arthur Christianen, Ad van der Avoird, Gerrit C. Groenenboom, Markus Meuwly, Christiane P. Koch, and Edvardas Narevicius.
    Tomography of Feshbach Resonance States.
    arXiv:2212.02828 (2022).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]
  • Matthias G. Krauss, Daniel M. Reich, and Christiane P. Koch.
    Optimizing for an arbitrary Schrödinger cat state. II. Application in the presence of dissipation.
    arXiv:2209.14678 (2022).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]

  • Matthias G. Krauss, Christiane P. Koch, and Daniel M. Reich.
    Optimizing for an arbitrary Schrödinger cat state. I. Functionals and application to coherent dynamics.
    arXiv:2209.14675 (2022).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]

  • R. Esteban GoetzChristiane P. Koch, Loren Greenman.
    Continuum-electron interferometry for enhancement of photoelectron circular dichroism and measurement of bound, free, and mixed contributions to chiral response.
    arXiv:2104.07522 (2021)
    arXiv Abstract ]