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  • Sabrina Patsch, Martin Zeppenfeld, Christiane P. Koch.
    Rydberg atom-enabled spectroscopy of polar molecules via Förster resonance energy transfer.
    arXiv:2205.04327 (2022).
    [ arXiv l Abstract ]
  • Shushen Qin, Marcus Cramer, Christiane P. Koch, Alessio Serafini.
    Optimal control for Hamiltonian parameter estimation in non-commuting and bipartite quantum dynamics.
    arXiv:2205.02429 (2022)
    [ arXiv l Abstract ]
  • Quentin Ansel, Jonas Fischer, Dominique Sugny, Bruno Bellomo.
    Optimal control and selectivity of qubits in contact with a structured environment.
    arXiv:2203.15553 (2022)
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  • R. Esteban GoetzChristiane P. Koch, Loren Greenman.
    Continuum-electron interferometry for enhancement of photoelectron circular dichroism and measurement of bound, free, and mixed contributions to chiral response.
    arXiv:2104.07522 (2021)
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