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Advanced Statistical Physics of Biological and Soft-Matter Systems

In this seminar, the students give presentations of articles on various topics related to the statistical mechanics description of biological and soft-matter systems. All participants are expected to have read the articles before the meeting.

The topics of this term are:

1. Non-Ergodicity in 2D Diffusion Processes, supervised by Cihan Ayaz 
2. Statistics of Gelation, supervised by Cihan Ayaz 
3. Percolation Theory in Epidemics, supervised by Cihan Ayaz 
4. The Statistical Mechanics of Self-Assembly, supervised by Cihan Ayaz 
5. Physics of Evaporating and Diffusing Droplets, supervised by Prof. Roland Netz 
6. Oscillations in Chemical Systems, supervised by Maximilian Becker 
7. Poisson-Boltzmann Modelling, supervised by Amanuel Wolde-Kidan 
8. Evolutionary Game Theory, supervised by Shane Carlson 
9. Barrier-Crossing Events, supervised by Florian Brünig 
10. Random Networks, supervised Sina Zendehroud 
11. The Statistical Mechanics of Cell Migration, supervised by Bernhard Mitterwallner 
12. Scale Invariance in Natural and Artificial Collective Systems, supervised by Laura Lavacchi
13. Thermodynamics of Small Systems, supervised by Philip Loche.

The attached papers are supposed to give you an idea of the topic, your final presentation may differ from what is covered in the articles above.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the seminars will take place online.

To take part in the seminar, please click on this link on Mondays between 2 pm and 4 pm.

Please register for the seminar on Whiteboard so that we know the number of participants and hence, we can plan accordingly.

After the first meeting:

Thanks to all who showed up to our first online meeting. Here, you can find the slides presented in the first meeting. Next, please write an Email to Roland, Cihan, Shane, and Sina with three of the topics from the list above you would like to present. Prioritize them with numbers where 1 has the highest priority to you. Please, tell us also the date of the earliest Monday to which you would be able to prepare a presentation. Thanks!