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Emergency Help

How to behave in case of emergency?

Medical emergency

Render first aid or call a first aider. There is a first aid kit in room 0.4.18.

Call the emergency number: Tel .: 112

Emergency report must contain:

Where did it happen? Exact location: building, floor, room

What happened? e.g. fire, accident, explosion, poison, gas., etc.

How many people are injured?

Who is calling? 

Wait for questions !!!

First aider AG - Weinelt

Name Room Phone
 Dr. Cornelius Gahl  0.4.14  (030) 838-56065
 Uwe Lipowski  0.4.27

 (030) 838-53340


Keep calm and call the fire brigade: Tel .: 112.
Make sure that you are safe.
Warn others.
Take helpless people with you.
Try to extinguish the fire with the fire extinguisher.
Extinguish burning people (fire extinguisher, fire blanket).
Close windows and doors when leaving the room.
Follow the exit routes.
Crawl on the floor if there is smoke - do not use elevators.
In the event of an evacuation and an alarm, go to the assembly point: Intersection Arnimallee/Takustraße.
Are all colleagues there?
Police: Tel .: 110

Technical emergency

Call the Zentralwarte of Freie University Berlin: Tel .: (030) 838-55555. The Zentralwarte can be reached 24 hours a day.

Call the workplace safety department (Dienststelle Arbeitssicherheit): Tel .: (030) 838-54495

Poison emergency

Medical assistance 24 hours a day: (030) 1 92 40

Internet: Giftnotruf Berlin

Protection manager at physics department

Name Room Phone
Laser safety:
Dr. Cornelius Gahl (AG Weinelt)  0.4.14  (030) 838-56065
Dr. Christian Teutloff (Department)  0.4.45

 (030) 838-53394

Radiation safety:
Dr. Ralph Püttner  0.4.28

(030) 838-56159

Hazardous materials/substances and chemicals:

Jessica Stapel

 0.1.43 (030) 838-60837

Dorothea Heinrich

-1.2.12 (030) 838-56233