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Research AG Weinelt

We investigate the geometrical and electronic structure of solids, thin films, and surfaces and their response to the excitation by femtosecond laser pulses. The research topics range from single electron dynamics at ferromagnetic metal and semiconductor surfaces to the collective response of the electronic system to intense laser excitation. Thereby the coupling of electronic excitations to nuclear motion, including vibrations, molecular switching and phase transitions is studied.

Glowing Tungsten

Glowing Tungsten
Image Credit: Michaela Stahl

Titanium-sapphire LASER

Titanium-sapphire LASER
Image Credit: Michaela Stahl


Carrier relaxation and switching efficiency of photochromic molecular ensembles at surfaces

Wibke Bronsch, Thomas Moldt, Daniel Przyrembel, Larissa Boie, and Cornelius Gahl

Time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with higher-order harmonic radiation

Björn Frietsch, Kamil Bobowski and Markus Gleich

Ultrafast vs. equilibrium magnetic phase transitions investigated in spin-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Beatrice Andres and Sang Eun Lee

Time-of-flight spectroscopy

Sophia Ketterl, Beatrice Andres and Marco Polverigiani

Electron dynamics at semiconductor surfaces

Kristof Zielke

BMBF project: DynaMaX

Markus Gleich and Kamil Bobowski