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  • Spin-dependent relaxation of photoexcited electrons at surfaces of 3d ferromagnets
    M. Weinelt, A. B. Schmidt, M. Pickel, and M. Donath
    in Dynamics at Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces, Part 1
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  • Azobenzene versus 3,3', 5,5'-tetra-tert-butyl-azobenzene (TBA) at Au(111): Characterizing the role of spacer groups
    E. R. McNellis, C. Bronner, J. Meyer, M. Weinelt, P. Tegeder, and K. Reuter
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  • On the electronic and geometrical structure of the trans- and cis-isomer of tetra-tert-butyl-azobenzene on Au(111)
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  • Ultrafast Magnon Generation in an Fe Film on Cu(100)
    A. B. Schmidt, M. Pickel, M. Donath, P. Buczek, A. Ernst, V. P. Zhukov, P. M. Echenique, L. M. Sandratskii, E. V. Chulkov, and M. Weinelt
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  • Magnetic Exchange Splitting in Fe above the Curie Temperature
    M. Pickel, A. B. Schmidt, M. Weinelt, and M. Donath
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  • Structure and excitonic coupling in self-assembled monolayers of azobenzene-functionalized alkanethiols
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