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Ultrafast spin dynamics and its signature in the electronic structure

Ultrafast spin dynamics are driven by interactions between different spin systems and their coupling to electronic and lattice excitations. In this project, we intend to study the microscopic processes behind these interactions in 3d transition metals and 4f rare earth metals.

With state-selective, time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy using higher-order harmonic radiation we determine the transient electronic structure.

We investigate exchange splitting and magnetic linear dichroism in Fe, Gd and Tb and their bilayers.
Thereby we study spin transport, ultrafast demagnetization, and all-optical switching initiated by tuneable optical femtosecond (fs) laser pulses.


Ultrafast vs. equilibrium magnetic phase transitions investigated in spin-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Time-of-flight spectroscopy

BMBF project: DynaMaX

European XFEL

Carrier relaxation and switching efficiency of photochromic molecular ensembles at surfaces

Time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with higher-order harmonic radiation

Electron dynamics at semiconductor surfaces