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Courses with sustainability relevance

Computergestützte Methoden der exakten Naturwissenschaften (Lecture, in German)
The following topics will be discussed: Heat transport described by the diffusion equation (2 SWS approximately week 8). Calculation of thermal conductance through walls // Network theory for the calculation of infection dynamics (2 SWS approx. 12th week) Basic concepts of network theory and percolation theory and application to infection and communication networks are introduced.
InstructorRoland Netz
Student Profile Bachelor's, in German
Semiconductor Physics (Lecture plus tutorials, in English)
This course provides a general overview about the electrical and optical properties of semiconductors and semiconductor devices. Applications to be discussed in the lecture will include * Solar cells as renewable-energy sources * Light-emitting diodes for energy-efficient lighting applications
InstructorJan Behrends
Student Profile Master's
Signal Analysis in Physics (Lecture + tutorials)
This lecture course will provide an introduction into the tools and principles of signal and system analysis. The following areas will be covered: 1) Analysis of linear systems, e.g. sensors and photodiodes 2) Control loops (P, PI, PID), e.g. for setting (controlling) a room temperature 3) Feedback loops, as they are of high relevance also in climate systems
InstructorTobias Kampfrath
Student Profile Master's