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Working Group on Public Relations

Olga Jarugski am digitalen Messestand

Olga Jarugski am digitalen Messestand

We aspire to make our basic research in physics accessible to an interested public. Our goal is to inspire young people and to inform them about our study programs. The working group is an open project. Whether scientific staff, employees or students - everyone from the Department of Physics can participate and contribute ideas for designing the website, setting-up events and reporting on classic and social media.

If you have good ideas or would like to actively support us, please write to pr@physik.fu-berlin.de.

Members of the working group

  • Olga Jarugski – marketing & public relations
  • Jörg Fandrich – PhysLab leader
  • Dr. Christian Frischkorn – collaborative research center SFB 1078
  • Sylvia Theodos – administrative employee at the dean's office
  • Prof. Paul Fumagalli – professor of experimental physics
  • Prof. Kirill Bolotin – professor of experimental physics
  • Dr. Christian Lotze – research fellow at the Franke's research group 
  • Dr. Beate Schattat – Women's Officer
  • Jörg Behrmann - IT employee