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Pathways in Physics: Matts Nissen & Dr. Philipp Prasse – Physicists in an advising company / KMPG

Jan 18, 2023 | 06:00 PM
Pathways in Physics

Pathways in Physics

Data, calculations, models - Everyday professional life in physics is steeped in analytics. Physicists are masters at finding elegant solutions to complex problems. Auditing and management consulting firms value precisely these qualities in physicists and are eager to hire them for various analytical tasks.

Physicists Matts Nissen and Phillip Prasse are colleagues in the auditing company KPMG Deutschland in the business unit "Financial Services – Risk & Treasury".

At "Pathways in Physics," they will talk about how they started their careers in one of the largest auditing and advising companies. What knowledge and skills do they really need on the job? Do physicists really feel at home in a consultancy?

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Matts Nissen

Directly after graduating in physics from Freie Universität Berlin, Matts Nissen joined KMPG. In his position as Senior Associate Financial Services – Risk & Treasury, he deals with the quantitative determination of market price risks and the valuation of financial products.


  • Bachelor in Physics – FU Berlin
  • Master in Physics – FU Berlin
  • Start at KPMG

My advice to future physicists

Physic graduates have a wide range of career options and I would recommend every student to consider career paths beyond the traditional CVs.

Dr. Philipp Prasse

After studying geophysics in Hamburg and Münster, Philipp Prasse earned his doctorate in England at the University of Bristol. His career at KPMG began at the Frankfurt office. Today, Dr. Philipp Prasse works at the Berlin headquarters: he develops, validates and implements quantitative risk models for national and international financial institutions. He is driven by modern techniques, such as machine learning.


  • Bachelor in Geophysics – University of Hamburg
  • Master in Geophysics – University of Münster
  • PhD in Geophysics – University of Bristol
  • Start at KPMG

My advice to future physicists

Be open minded for career outside of academia. Studying Physics offer plenty of career opportunities – explore them!

Meet Matt Nissen again, get to know Dr. Philipp Prasse and get inspired!

Time & Location

Jan 18, 2023 | 06:00 PM

Online via Webex

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Language: English

Students can ask questions in English or German.

About "Pathways in Physics"

In the online talk series for students of physics, different speakers will talk about their own pathway in physics: why they became physicists, how they recognized what their interests in physics were and how they went about getting positions in research and industry. We invite speakers from the Department of Physics, different research institutions as well as from various industries.

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