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Pathways in Physics

Online talks about the future in physics

Pathways in Physics

Pathways in Physics

The paths into physics can be very diverse. The career paths and the thematic areas of applying physics in a professional environment are similarly diverse.

Our talk series "Pathways in Physics" offers young professionals and experienced physicists a stage. Speakers from various research institutions as well as from industries will tell students their very personal stories: why they became physicists, how they recognized what their interests in physics were and how they went about getting positions in research and industry. Speakers will shed light on ups and downs during their studies and some professional challenges. Besides, they will venture a glimpse into the future and give hints on which focus topics could be promising for the next generation of physicists.

The online event offers both the opportunity to follow current developments and perspectives in physics, as well as to network.

For whom, where and when

  • Prospective students, bachelor, master and doctoral students of physics
  • on individual Wednesday dates at 6 p.m.
  • online via WebEx
  • mainly in English, depending on speakers sometimes in German


Some insights into the pathway as a physicists