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Pathways in Physics

Dec 02, 2020 | 04:00 PM
Pathways in Physics

Pathways in Physics

Dr. Cynthia Heiner

Dr. Cynthia Heiner

Online Talk for Students of Physics

Different speakers will tell students about their own pathway in physics: why they became physicists, how they recognized what their interests in physics were and how they went about getting positions in research and industry. We invite speakers from the Department of Physics, different research institutions as well as from various industries.

Meet Dr. Cynthia Heiner

I see myself in many roles: a physicist, a teacher, a student, a woman in science, a mentor, a project coordinator, a researcher, and a science education specialist.

All of these roles have shaped me, my work style, and my (thus far) career. I am happy to share my pathway - from astrophysics intern to experimental physicist to science education specialist and program coordinator - as you endeavour on your own pathway in physics.

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My pathway

  • Bachelor in Physics with honors, University of New Hampshire (USA)
  • PhD research in experimental Physics conducted at the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin
  • Postdoctoral research in physics education research with Nobel Prize winner Carl Wieman at the University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • Coordinator for Mentoring and MINToring program; Science Education Specialist for the Learning and Teaching Strategy at Imperial College London

My advice to all future physicists

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Only then can you truly learn and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.