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Pathways in Physics: Dr. Matthias Schönborn - Biophysics, solar panels, batteries

May 19, 2021 | 06:00 PM s.t.
Dr. Matthias Schönborn

Dr. Matthias Schönborn
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Matthias Schönborn researched in biophysics and earned his doctorate at Freie Universität. Afterwards, he worked as a process engineer for solar and high-tech systems and dealt with sustainable technologies for a green future. Today, Matthias Schönborn builds batteries at Tesla. He will talk about his path from bachelor's degree to his job as engineer at Tesla.

Meet Dr. Matthias Schönborn

In his free time Matthias Schönborn enjoys learning about the Chinese language and spending time in a small dinghy on Berlin’s rivers.

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•    Decision to work in the renewable energy field and therefore study physics
•    Find a great topic to write a thesis
•    Work in the renewable energy field

My advice to future physicists

Find a job to which makes you happy, whatever it is.

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About "Pathways in Physics"

In the online talk series for students of physics, different speakers will talk about their own pathway in physics: why they became physicists, how they recognized what their interests in physics were and how they went about getting positions in research and industry. We invite speakers from the Department of Physics, different research institutions as well as from various industries.

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