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Pathways in Physics: Dr. Tom Seifert - Physicist as Founder and Technology Developer

Dec 15, 2021 | 06:00 PM s.t.
Tom Seifert

Tom Seifert

Dr. Tom Seifert acquired his bachelor, master and PhD degrees at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society. He then worked for two years in the laboratories of the ETH Zurich.

Today, Tom Seifert is involved in the ultrafast physics research in the group of Prof. Kampfrath and leads as CEO the recently founded company TeraSpinTec GmbH. The spin-off of Kampfrath's research group markets worldwide spintronic terahertz emitters, which are specially developed for physics research laboratories.

Dr. Tom Seifert will talk about his way into physics research as well as his tasks and visions as founder and CEO of TeraSpinTec GmbH.

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  • 2014    M.Sc. Physik, FU Berlin
  • 2018    PhD FHI and FU Berlin
  • 2018-2020  Post-doc fellow at ETH Zurich
  • since 2020   Senior researcher in the AG Kampfrath, FU Berlin
  • since 2021   CEO of TeraSpinTec GmbH


My advice to future physicists

Follow your interests and talents, not a contrived career plan.

Any start-up idea in mind?

The team of Profund Innovation, the start-up service of Freie Universität Berlin, will be present at the online event. Participants will not only be able to put questions to Dr. Tom Seifert, but also to Anna Figoluschka und Tomasz Gingold on how to finance spin-offs.

Time & Location

Dec 15, 2021 | 06:00 PM s.t.

Online via Webex

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Language: English

Students can ask questions in English or German.

About "Pathways in Physics"

In the online talk series for students of physics, different speakers will talk about their own pathway in physics: why they became physicists, how they recognized what their interests in physics were and how they went about getting positions in research and industry. We invite speakers from the Department of Physics, different research institutions as well as from various industries.

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