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GDCP Publication Prize Awarded to Marcus Kubsch

Prof. Dr. Marcus Kubsch bei der GDCP-Jahrestagung 2023

Prof. Dr. Marcus Kubsch bei der GDCP-Jahrestagung 2023

Prof. Dr. Marcus Kubsch received a GDCP Prize for the Best Journal Article of Young Scientists in physics didactics

News from Oct 02, 2023

Professor Dr. Marcus Kubsch was honored with the GDCP Prize for the best young scientist's journal article in physics didactics by the Society for Chemistry and Physics Didactics (GDCP). The "Prize for the Best Journal Article by Young Scientists", which is endowed with 500 euro, was awarded during the annual GDCP conference in September 2023.

Prize-winning publication

This publication summarizes the current state of the use of machine learning (ML) – a central method of artificial intelligence (AI) – in science education research. It introduces a framework that shows didactics researchers the perspectives of using ML. With the framework, science education researchers can discover for themselves where and how they can effectively use ML in their work.

Marcus Kubsch, Christina Krist & Joshua M. Rosenberg (2022). Distributing epistemic functions and tasks – A framework for augmenting human analytic power with machine learning in science research. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 60(2), 423-447. DOI: 10.1002/tea.21803

About Prof. Dr. Marcus Kubsch

Professor Dr. Marcus Kubsch has held the position of Junior Professor of Physics Didactics at Freie Universität Berlin since May 2023. His research group operates at the intersection of competence development research, learning analytics, and curriculum development, exploring AI methods in physics didactics. Professor Kubsch participates in the activities of the Dahlem School of Education and is dedicated to advancing research-based teacher education in Berlin.

About GDCP

The Society for Chemistry and Physics Didactics (GDCP) is an association of subject-specific didacticians at universities and research institutes in German-speaking countries. For 50 years, GDCP has been promoting subject-specific didactic research and teaching. The annual GDCP conferences serve as a platform for bringing together German and international researchers and educators for scientific exchange.


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