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Disposal of chemical and hazardous waste

Contact person: Annegret Sachse

Canisters (2.5 l and 5 l) and labels for liquid chemical waste are available in room B 0.1.97 and B 0.1.98. For the disposal of contaminated lab waste (solid), use the 30 l buckets, which can be found in room B 0.1.97

The following non-flammable waste can be disposed in room B 0.1.97:

  • contaminated lab waste
  • liquid heavy metal solution with Hg (mercury)
  • liquid heavy metal solution without Hg (mercury)
  • acid waste
  • developer solution
  • old or not used chemicals

The following flammable waste can be disposed in room B 0.198:

  • organic solvents with halogen
  • organic solvents without halogen
  • staining solution for SDS-gels
  • old or not used chemicals

Every waste or chemical container needs to be individually labeled with the names of the work group and the disposer. This excludes the buckets for solid contaminated waste.

Labeles can be acquired from Annegret Sachse. For the disposal of toxic chemicals and further question concerning the appropriate disposal, please contact Annegret Sachse.

All containers for liquid waste have a filling mark at 90% of the container volume, which should not be exceeded. Please read the instruction provided.