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There are a lot of printers in the department and many groups have multiple printers, so it's a good idea to ask on which printers to print. The printers in the student computer pools are physik01 (bw), physik02 (bw) und physikcol02 (colour) and need a ZEDAT print account with credit, which can be charged via a terminal in the computer pools.

You can print on the new centrally managed printers via the followme queue. You can than collect your printer at any centrally managed printer after logging in with your ZEDAT account. To make that easier you can activate your door token for authentication at the printers at the Feinwerktechnik.

Documentation on using our printers with your own computers can be found in our Wiki.

Posters can be printer at the ZEDAT.

Once an older printer, not belonging to the central FollowMe pool, no longer works, it will not be replaced.

If one of the Ricoh FollowMe printers does not work, you can report this to Ricoh telephonically. The phone number as well as all necessary information (e.g. the ID of the printer) can be found on each printer.

To print from your own machine on the central FollowMe printers add


as an IPP printer (only reachable from the university networks).

For further information consult this page (Windows) and this page (Mac OS, Linux, Windows) by ZEDAT. This documentation is only available in German, but the latter links are illustrated and you should be able to follow along even without knowing any German, but we also have a version on our Wiki: MacOS, Linux.