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Matrix Upgrade and LaTeX Support in Messages

The upgrade is done and you can now enjoy LaTeX support in messages on our web client meet.physik.fu-berlin.de.

News from Dec 09, 2020

The changes accompanying the server move should be invisible to users. Should you nevertheless experience any problems, just come to our support room or write an email to zedv@physik.fu-berlin.de.

LaTeX-Support for Element - the web client we use at meet.physik.fu-berlin.de - has been long-promised and is finally here. The feature is still brandnew and was explicitly switched on for our instance. If you use the Element desktop client you will have to switch it on yourself. LaTeX-Support for the Android and iOS client are still being worked on.

The LaTeX support uses the KaTeX engine. You can find a list of allowed functions here.

Edit (22:26): The upgrade is done.

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