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Information for new Master students

Firstly we - the people from the student union - want to welcome you to the Physics Department of the Freie Universität Berlin!

On this page we try to summarize some information that are interesting for new students. Once you are registered at the department you will receive a lot of important information via your student e-mail account - make sure you check your mail frequently!

For information about general events organized by the international office you can find a schedule here if you have any questions, you can find us in the master student chat or write an email to fsi@physik.fu-berlin.de for general questions and studienberatung@physik.fu-berlin.de for questions about courses, credits and the like.

Orientation Week: 17.10.-30.10.2022

For the first two weeks of classes we will do a lot of social activities so that everybody can get to know each other. While this is principaly organised for Bachelor freshmen the activities are open to everybody and we'ld love to see Master students there as well.

Freshman Trip (21.10- 23.10)

Details see below.

Pub crawl (Mon 24.10., 19 pm)

We will meet at the Ostkreuz (train station). Details on the exact meeting location and how you can contact if you come later will follow by mail!

Späti-run (Wed 26.10, 19 pm)

We will probably meet at the subway station Hermannplatz. Details on the exact meeting location will follow by mail! The Späti-Run is a rallye through the city with fun tasks to get to know Berlin and its "Spätis" :).

PhLyNTA*- Plenum (Thu 27.10, 18 pm)

An open meeting for everyone of the group PhLyNTA* at the Café XX. PhLyNTA* is a student initiative that approaches the everyday student life at the FU critically, special focus is put on the analysis of societal issues surrounding the subjects Maths, Physics, and Computional Sciences. The meeting with detailed information about PhLyNTA* will be announced again via mail, there hopefully will soon be a website with more information about PhLyNTA*.

Freshman Trip

From October 21. to 23.  we will go to the FIB Freizeit in Blankensee.


You can register per mail to erstiefahrt2022@physik.fu-berlin.de if you want to join the freshman trip. Your mail should contain the following information:

  • Name
  • Age over 18 (yes/no)
  • Diet (vegan/vegetarian/omnivorous)
  • Allergy
  • Your Covid vaccination status
  • Emergency contact (e.g. if you broke a leg)

You have to take your own linen with you or borrow it for 7€. Please inform us if you need linen in your mail.


The trip will only cost 50€ thanks to sponsoring by the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft.

Please transfer the money after registration to our bank account:

Owner: Fachschaftsinitiat­ive Physik FU Berlin e.V.

IBAN: DE29 1005 0000 0191 0220 20

Please write in the transfer details your name so we can assign you to your registration.

If you need finanical assistent please send a mail to erstiefahrt2022@physik.fu-berlin.de as well.


Please test on Covid before coming to the starting point.

We meet on Friday the 21.10 around 14.20 at underground station U Dahlem-Dorf. From there we will travel by public transport to Thyrow.

From the train station it is an around 2h hike to the location with funny games in the mean time. The luggage can be transported in small transporter from the train station to the hostel.

If you cannot hike for 2h, please inform us by mail in your registration.

Do not forget cloths for bad weather and food/drinks for the time from Dahlem till reaching the hostel. Also think of towels and similar stuff but remember it is just two nights and not 2 full weeks ;)


The socalled CampusCard is your student ID and public transportation ticket. You need to get it from a CampusCard machine. To do that you need a QR-Code that you get get via the ZEDAT-Portal. Afterwards you need to validate the card at a validation machine. You can find both machines in the basement of the Studierenden-Service-Center at Iltisstraße 4 near the subway station U-Bahnhof Dahlem-Dorf. Once you are there, just follow the signs.

You can find further information here.