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Is there any financial support for students in the Double-Degree Program?

Yes. All students accepted in the German-French Double-Degree Program will receive a monthly mobility allowance of 300 euros/month from the French-German University for ten months during their stay in France. In addition, students can apply for financial support by the Erasmus program. The latter has to be applied for already by the end of January of the year the stay abroad is to commence. In case of an application for Erasmus support, the application for participation in the Double-Degree Program has to be submitted already before March 10th instead of the regular deadline of June 30th. Please note that while the support from the French-German University is guaranteed for every participant in the Double-Degree Program, the granting of the Erasmus support depends on offer and demand. The decision about the Erasmus application is communicated in the beginning of April.