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French-German Double-Degree Program

First of all, you have to be a student in the Master of Physics course at Freie Universität Berlin (see "Application procedure" above).

Applications to the Double-Degree Program have to be submitted online. In addition, you need to send pdf files by e-mail to doublemaster@physik.fu-berlin.de: informal application letter, letter of motivation, certified copies of the Bachelor degree showing the overall grade and of the transcript of the first semester in the Master course, CV, a recommendation letter by a professor, and documents that show that you possess good German and basic French language knowledge. Application deadline is June 30th (March 10th if also funding by the Erasmus program is applied for).

Good German and basic (CEFR level A2) French language proficiency (or vice versa), enrollment to the Master of Physics of Freie Universität Berlin, good grades.

Language tests are not necessary if you have documents that show your language proficiency otherwise (for example school certificates).

The purpose of the early application to the Double-Degree Program shall help those candidates that are particularly interested in such a Double Degree to decide at which university they should enroll.

If someone applies before June 30th to the Double-Degree Program along with the regular application to the Master program in Physics at Freie Universität Berlin (deadline for the latter: August 15th), and is accepted to the Master program, he/she will know about the outcome of the application to the Double-Degree Program before he/she has to enroll to the regular Master program, and thus can decide at which university he/she would like to enroll.

Successful candidates of the early application will get a provisional admission to the Double-Degree Program, which means they are admitted if their average grade in the first semester of Master studies is 2.0 or better. (If the grade is worse, they have to apply again after the first semester of the Master studies.)

It is possible that you are admitted to the (regular) Master in Physics at Freie Universität Berlin, but do not get the provisional admission to the Double-Degree Program. In that case you can start your Master studies, and either try to apply again to the Double-Degree program one year later (after your first semester in the Master course), or just finish your complete Master studies in Berlin. The reverse case will not occur, it is impossible to get the provisional admission to the Double-Degree Program without admission to the Master in Physics at Freie Universität Berlin.

No problem. Just inform the person responsible for the Double-Degree Program (see here). You may continue with your studies in Berlin, and later receive your Master degree form here.

Yes, you can. However, you have to consider that then you will need five semesters to obtain the Master degree. The explanation: The French-German Double-Degree Program is designed for a start of the Master program in October. The program in France is offered only on a one-year cycle.

The last possibility to apply to the Double-Degree Program is after the first semester of the Master Program, before June 30th

Yes. All students accepted in the German-French Double-Degree Program will receive a monthly mobility allowance of 300 euros/month from the French-German University for ten months during their stay in France. In addition, students can apply for financial support by the Erasmus program. The latter has to be applied for already by the end of January of the year the stay abroad is to commence. In case of an application for Erasmus support, the application for participation in the Double-Degree Program has to be submitted already before March 10th instead of the regular deadline of June 30th. Please note that while the support from the French-German University is guaranteed for every participant in the Double-Degree Program, the granting of the Erasmus support depends on offer and demand. The decision about the Erasmus application is communicated in the beginning of April.

Any questions about the double-degree program? You can contact Prof. Kuch via doublemaster@physik.fu-berlin.de