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Mentoring team supports freshers

Mentoring Team

Mentoring Team

The mentoring program is designed to make starting your studies easier. We are advanced students who support new students in both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.

Our mentoring team consists of

  • German-speaking students who mainly support bachelor students
  • English-speaking international students who support master's students as well as international students in the bachelor's program.

What we do

  • We offer "learning rooms" in which you and your fellow students are given space to work collaboratively on the weekly exercises with the support of an experienced mentor.
  • We provide advice on general study skills, such as time management, exam preparations and general life matters such as finding a job or a flat.
  • We organize events on a wide range of topics related to your studies and social life at university

Mentors for bachelor students: Clara and Jessi

Mentors for master students and international studens: Sachin and Seokhyun

All mentors can be reached via mentoring@physik.fu-berlin.de

Learning Rooms in the Summer Semester 2023

Mentoring Team 2022

Mentoring Team 2022

For Master's

Mo 10-12 am   Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics - Ayan

Fr 4-6 pm        Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics - Amey

For Bachelor's learning rooms please see here.


All learning rooms run in the student center BoB (room 0.3.01).

How are you (really)?

Our psychologists at the support.points offer you fast and professional help and orientation in case of mental distress.

Job as Mentor

If you want to be a mentor, please send an application and the following documents to mentoring@physik.fu-berlin.de.

  • informal letter of application (with a reference to how you would like to be involved in "Mentoring)
  • letter of motivation (What are your personal strengths? What qualifies you to become a mentor?)
  • proof of academic achievements (a PDF from Campus Management is enough, no signature is needed)
  • short CV


Tom Seifert

Dr. Tom Seifert

Raum 1.4.41, FB Physik, Arnimallee 14, 14195 Berlin

+49 30 838 69488