Work on tomography goes to press in Nature Communications

Recent work on using compressed sensing tools to perform reliable quantum state tomography of approximately low-rank quantum states in a system of seven trapped ions goes to press in the Nature Communications. This theoretical-experimental collaboration explores tools that are relevant in the ...

News from Feb 22, 2017

Work on quantum illumination in PRL

Work on using quantum estimation methods for quantum illumination has been published in the Physical Review Letters.

News from Feb 21, 2017

Work on the random Hamiltonians in CMP

Random quantum processes play a central role both in the study of fundamental mixing processes in quantum mechanics related to equilibration, thermalisation and fast scrambling by black holes, as well as in quantum process design and quantum information theory. In this work, we present a framework ...

News from Feb 21, 2017

Work on tensor networks for quantum chemistry in PRL

Work on making use of tensor networks to tackle problems of interacting fermionic quantum systems in quantum chemistry is published in the Physical Review Letters. Tensor network states and specifically matrix-product states have proven to be a powerful tool for simulating ground states of strongly ...

News from Nov 20, 2016

Kick off of project on entangled states of matter

The kick off meeting of the new CRC 183 on "entangled states of matter" takes place on the island of Langeoog in the Nothern Sea. Our group presents material on capturing topological order with tensor network states.

News from Nov 17, 2016

Work on equilibration in PRL

New work that is concerned with a general statement on the mechanism and the times required for equilibration of quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium is published in PRL. The assumptions made a short-ranged correlations of the initial state and having a non-interacting Hamiltonian that ...

News from Nov 07, 2016

TQC 2016 in Berlin

The conference TQC 2016 on quantum computation, communication and cryptography took place in Berlin, hosted by our group. It was great fun. The quality of the talks was extraordinary, it seems fair to say. Thanks so much for coming to those who made their way to Berlin. (A press release in German ...

News from Sep 29, 2016

Announcing Quantum – the open journal for quantum science

We announce the launch of an arXiv overlay journal for quant-ph. Quantum will be a free and open access publishing option, providing high visibility for quality research on quantum science. Quantum is an effort by researchers and for researchers to make science more open and publishing more ...

News from Jul 18, 2016

Work on dissipative quantum dynamics in PRL

Work on simulating dissipative quantum many-body systems - in a positive tensor network approach for simulating open quantum many-body systems - is published in the Physical Review Letters.

News from Jun 04, 2016

New collaborative research centre established

A new collaborative research centre (CRC 183) on entangled states of matter has been established between Berlin-Cologne-Copenhagen-Weizman.

News from May 25, 2016

Postdoc position advertised

We are currently offering a 2 1/2-year postdoctoral position to a highly motivated and well-qualified young researcher who intends to enhance his or her career on the intersection of quantum many-body theory and quantum information science. The successful candidate will work as part of the research ...

News from May 22, 2016

Jens Eisert speaks at ScienceMatch on the Digital Future

Jens Eisert is speaker at the ScienceMatch on the Digital Future, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the invention of the Z3 by Konrad Zuse, the first digital computer, a fun and interesting event.

News from May 11, 2016

Comprehensive review on equilibration and thermalisation published

Our comprehensive review on equilibration, thermalisation, and the emergence of statistical mechanics in closed quantum systems is published in the Reports of Progress in Physics addressing one of the core questions of quantum thermodynamics.

News from Apr 19, 2016

Work on diagnosing topological edge states via entanglement monogamy in PRL

Work that makes use of notions of entanglement monogamy to detect topological edge states in fermionic systems is published in the Physical Review Letters.

News from Mar 31, 2016

Our group hosts TQC 2016

The major conference TQC 2016 on Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography is hosted by our group in Berlin. The web page is up and running, and the deadline for submissions is May 16, 2016.

News from Mar 07, 2016

Zoltan Zimboras and Alexander Streltsov join the group

The new postdocs Zoltan Zimboras (coming from UCL, UK) and Alex Streltsov (coming from ICFO, Spain) join the group. Warm welcome.

News from Mar 06, 2016

Mathis Friesdorf defends PhD thesis with summa cum laude

Mathis Friesdorf defends his PhD thesis in his viva with the distinction summa cum laude. Congratulations.

News from Feb 08, 2016

Quantum information meets tensor networks and Markov chain mixing

Work on "renormalising entanglement distillation" is published in the January issue of the Physical Review Letters. It deals with the question of how to perform entanglement distillation in the presence of correlations beyond the i.i.d. setting, and brings together quantum information ideas with ...

News from Jan 14, 2016

Juan Bermejo Vega joins the group

Juan Bermejo Vega joins the group, coming from Ignacio Cirac's research group. Warm welcome.

News from Jan 01, 2016

Work on the certification of quantum state preparation in Nature Communications

Quantum technologies promise a variety of exciting applications. Even though impressive progress has been achieved recently, a major bottleneck currently is the lack of practical certification techniques. The challenge consists of ensuring that classically intractable quantum devices perform as ...

News from Nov 17, 2015