Advanced Laboratory Course in Biophysics

Praktikum (20 239) - 4-stündig, ECTS: 10

Dozenten: Joachim Heberle
Sprache: Englisch
Zeitraum: 11.04.2011 bis 15.07.2011
unbeschränkt An-/Abmelden
Terminhinweis: Registration until 12.04.2011 via e-mail to:; Introductory course: 13.04.10, 10-12 am – Arnimallee 14 HS A


Experiments of the practical course:

(1) Biomolecules at solid-liquid interfaces

    (a) Cyclic voltammetry

    (b) Quartz crystal microbalance


(2) Vibrational spectroscopy of proteins

    (a) FT-IR-difference spectroscopy on proteins

    (b) RAMAN- and resonance RAMAN spectroscopy on proteins


(3) Time-resolved spectroscopy of protein function

    (a) UV/Vis flash photolysis of the photocycle and function of proteins

    (b) Step-scan FT-IR difference spectroscopy of the photocycle of proteins


(4) Probing the function of a molecular proton pump

    (a) Activity measurements of cytochrome c oxidase

    (b) Atomic Force Microscopy of a protein film