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DFG project approved for AG Kozuch - Influence of electrostatics on protein misfolding at membranes in neurodegenerative diseases

Based on a DFG-funded project, the Kozuch working group will investigate the influence of the lipid membrane - in particular its electrostatic properties - on the misfolding of proteins in neurodegenerative diseases. Methodologically, we will use surface-enhanced (SEIRA) and nano-infrared spectroscopy (based on atomic force microscopy) in combination with membrane model systems. Interested candidates for a doctoral thesis within this project can contact Dr. Contact Jacek Kozuch (jacek.kozuch@fu-berlin.de).

Call for applications: https://www.fu-berlin.de/universitaet/beruf-karriere/jobs/wiss/20_fb-physik/PH-KO5464-5.html

News from Apr 29, 2022

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