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Nature paper on Huc has been released

The cryo-electron microscopy structure of the [NiFe]-hydrogenase Huc was obtained and refined to 1.52 Å resolution. Huc is a highly efficient, O2-insensitive enzyme that couples oxidation of atmospheric H2 to the hydrogenation of the respiratory electron carrier menaquinone. Huc uses narrow hydrophobic gas channels to selectively bind atmospheric H2 at the expense of O2, and 3 [3Fe–4S] clusters modulate the properties of the enzyme so that atmospheric H2 oxidation is energetically feasible.

The Huc catalytic subunits form an octameric 833 kDa complex around a membrane-associated stalk, which transports and reduces menaquinone 94 Å from the membrane. These findings provide a mechanistic basis for the biogeochemically and ecologically important process of atmospheric H2 oxidation, uncover a mode of energy coupling dependent on long-range quinone transport, and pave the way for the development of catalysts that oxidize H2 in ambient air.

News from Mar 14, 2023

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