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Fundamental Physics Research

The department focuses on basic research in experimental and theoretical physics. In physics education, we develop innovative concepts and methods for teaching physics.

✓ future thinking

We contribute to the EU Flagship Graphene and EU Flagship Quantum Computing.

✓ internationally connected

We participate at several excellence clusters, collaborative projects and lead some collaborative research centers.

✓ backed by third-party funds

We regularly acquire large grants, currently 4 ERC grants for the research and 6 for professor positions.

ERC = European Research Council

Collaborative Research Centers (SFB)

Large-scale interdisciplinary projects in cooperation with other universities and research institutions

Scientific Platforms

Thematic networks for international and national scientific cooperation

Knowledge Transfer - Promoting innovation and spin-offs

We help young scientists to transform their research innovations into new products and services. Please contact Profund Innovation for details on start-up funding.