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A student initiative that critically examines everyday life at the FU, especially socially critical topics in the departments of Math and Computer Science as well as Physics.
Among other things, we stand up against sexism, queer hostility, racism and other structural discrimination. Founded in 2021 as a student initiative for the interests of FLINTA*-people (female, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people) at the Physics Department of the FU, the focus of our work is still on FLINTA* people, but we also do actions on other marginalized groups and issues related to critical science. We are open to all people who want to get involved with us.
We meet weekly and do a cool actions within PhLyNTA*'s Safer Space every month.

The last big event we organized was KriMINeL², a series of events at the beginning of the summer semester 2022.