AG Scheich

History and Philosophy of Physics
with particular focus on Gender Studies

Prof. Dr. Elvira Scheich

AddressArnimallee 14
Room 1.1.18
14195 Berlin
Elevator at least 140 x 110 cm
OfficeGudrun May-Nasseri
DirectorProf. Dr. Elvira Scheich

Research topics


Science & gender studies addresses key questions about the relationship between science and society: How have experimental practices and theoretical paradigms of physics been developed in their historical context? What are the epistemic ideals underlying the transformations in science and which cultural differences come into play here? How do we account for the transfer of knowledge between physics and other disciplines, the realms of everyday life or the political public? To examine the relevant gender aspects, the following research approaches constitute the axes of my current work:


  • Historical studies of scientific objectivity with regard to the gender images that shape the scientific self-understanding and the development of methodological knowledge about nature;
  • Ethnographical analysis of gender relations in the professional cultures and research organizations of physics;
  • Trans-disciplinary research on energy issues, in which gender knowledge and physical knowledge are linked.