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List of Publications

Dr Cinzia Casiraghi

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  • Cantone A.L., Buitelaar M. R., Smith C. G., Anderson D., Jones G. A. C., Chorley S. J., Casiraghi C. et al. (2008): Electronic transport characterization of Sc@C82 single walled carbon nanotube peapods. Journal of Applied Physics, 104, 083787

  • Casiraghi C., Pisana S., Novoselov K. S. and Ferrari A. C. (2007): Raman fingerprint of charged impurities in graphene. Applied Physics Letters, 91, 233108 -1; 233108

  • Casiraghi C., Hartschuh A., Lidorikis E., Qian H., Harutyunyan H., Gokus T., Novoselov K S. and Ferrari A. C. (2007): Rayleigh Imaging of Graphene and Graphene layers. Nano Letters, 7, 2711

  • Pisana S., Lazzeri M., Casiraghi C., Novoselov K. S., Geim A. K., Ferrari A. C. and Mauri F. (2007): Born-Oppenheimer breakdown in graphene. Nature Materials 6, 198

  • Ferrari A. C., Meyer J. C., Scardaci V., Casiraghi C., Lazzeri M., Mauri F., Piscanec S., Jiang D., Novoselov K. S., Roth S. and Geim A. K. (2006): Raman spectroscopy of graphene and few layers graphene. Physical Review Letters 97, 18740

  • Shamsa M., Liu W. L., Balandin A. A., Casiraghi C., Milne W. and Ferrari A. C. (2006): Thermal conductivity of diamond-like carbon films. Applied Physics Letters 86, 161921

  • Casiraghi C., Ferrari A. C. and Robertson J. (2007): Diamond-like carbon for data and beer storage. Materials Today 10, 44

  • Casiraghi C., Ferrari A. C. and Robertson J. (2005): Raman spectroscopy of hydrogenated amorphous carbons. Physical Review B 72, 08540

  • Moseler M., Gumbsch P., Casiraghi C., Ferrari A. C. and Robertson J. (2005): The ultrasmoothness of diamond-like carbon surfaces. Science 309, 1545

  • Casiraghi C., Ferrari A. C., Ohr R., Flewitt A. J., Chu D. P. and Robertson J. (2003): Dynamic roughening of tetrahedral amorphous carbon. Physical Review Letters 91, 226104