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  • Jonas Fischer
    Control of Open Quantum Systems: Examples & Methods for Non-Markovian Dynamics
    2022 l PDF

  • Sabrina Patsch

    Control of Rydberg atoms for quantum technologies
    2022 l PDF 

  • Daniel Basilewitsch
    Optimal Control of Quantum Information Tasks in Open Quantum Systems
    2020 l PDF Link
  • Ruben Esteban Goetz
    Quantum optimal control theory of photoelectron spectroscopy
    2018 l PDF l Link
  • Daniel Maximilian Reich
    Efficient Characterisation and Optimal Control of Open Quantum Systems - Mathematical Foundations and Physical Applications
    2015 l PDF Link

  • Michael Hartmut Goerz
    Optimizing Robust Quantum Gates in Open Quantum Systems
    2015 l PDF l Link

  • Michał Tomza
    Quantum dynamics and control of ultracold molecules in external fields
    2014 l PDF l Link

  • Berglund, Martin
    Complexities of Order-Related Formal Language Extensions
    2014 l Link