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CRC 658 - Elementary Processes in Molecular Switches at Surfaces (2005-2017)

SFB 658

SFB 658

The collaborative research centre investigated molecular switching processes driven by external excitations in well defined molecular systems at solid surfaces. Scientists focused on reversible conformational changes of individual molecules and ensembles leading to measurable changes of functional (e.g. optical, electronic or magnetic) properties of the system. The focus on elementary processes included investigation of all individual steps, physical parameters and interactions which induce and influence the process of molecular switching.

Research grounded on various complementary methods from synthesis of molecular systems, characterization of structural and electronic properties by quantitative surfaces sciences techniques and theoretical modelling. The long-term goals were to develop novel functionalities, like cooperative switching processes, and criteria for applications in molecular functional devices.


Professor Dr Martin Weinelt, since 7/2015

Professor Dr. Felix von Oppen, till 7/2015

Involved research groups

Brouwer, Fumagalli, Franke, Kuch, von Oppen, Reich, Weinelt, Groß, Pascual, Tegeder


  • around 430 publications
  • 85 doctorates completed
  • 5 strategic appointments
  • 7 subproject leaders transfered

Participating institutions

  • Freie Universität Berlin
  • Humboldt University Berlin
  • Technical University Berlin
  • University Potsdam
  • Fritz Haber Institute FHI)
  • Paul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik (PDI)

SFB 658