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Two-dimensional electron systems

Over the past decades, two-dimensional electron systems have been the stage for a large number of discoveries, of which the quantum Hall effects are the most remarkable. As the quality of samples based on GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures improved over time, many intricate ground states have been observed and analyzed theoretically. Our work in this area has focused on the physics of higher Landau levels, including electronic liquid-crystal states (stripe and bubble phases), negative Coulomb drag, non-Abelian quasiparticle statistics at filling factor 5/2, as well as microwave-induced zero-resistance states. Currently, our interests focus on the physics of the two-dimensional electron system in graphene (monolayers of graphite) which has recently been realized experimentally.


Selected publications

  • E. Mariani, F. von Oppen
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  • E. Mariani, L.I. Glazman, A. Kamenev, F. von Oppen
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  • J. Dietel, L. Glazman, F. Hekking, F. von Oppen
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  • I.V. Gornyi, A.D. Mirlin, F. von Oppen
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  • A. Stern, F. von Oppen, E. Mariani
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  • M.E. Raikh, F. von Oppen
    Coulomb Drag for Strongly Localized Electrons: Pumping Mechanism
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  • F. von Oppen, S.H. Simon, A. Stern
    Oscillating sign of drag in high Landau levels
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