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Long Night of the Sciences

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2023 am Fachbereich Physik an der Freien Universität Berlin

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2023 am Fachbereich Physik an der Freien Universität Berlin

Program of the Department of Physics

June 22, 2024 from 5 pm to 12 am

We open our doors to the general public and invite all those interested in science to our lecture halls and laboratories. We offer a versatile program for young and old and provide insights into our work, research and teaching.

Program in German and partially in English

Our scientific teams comprises people from around the globe. On your tour through our department, you will experience a spirit of international teamwork and can have scientific conversations, either in German or English.

The world of physics: artificial photosynthesis, climate research, quantum physics and science education

We would like not only to present our research fields but also to show why research in the natural sciences provides the impetus for numerous new areas of application - energy technology, climate research, medical applications or nanotechnology.

Inspiration for the future

We invite all who want to become a part of our physics crew as a student or a scientist, to visit us and be inspired.

Only Some Points of Our Program

For the full program please see our German website.

Info-Talk "Master's Program in Physics" at 5.30 pm

Studying Physics at Freie Universität Berlin

In a roughly 30-minute information session, we present the structure of the master's program and provide an overview of the research focuses in physics at the Free University of Berlin. Afterwards, guests will have the opportunity to ask questions about the physics master's program and the career perspectives in physics.

As a bachelor's student of physics interested in joining our Master's program, you will get a free access to the physics program during the Long Night of Sciences.

Alternatively, you can attend the information talk digitally. After registration, you'll receive access data for the Webex online meeting.


Location: Lecture Hall B (0.1.01)

Science Slam at 9 pm

Science Slam

Science Slam

Physics as exciting and funny as you have never experienced it before!

Scientists present their research topics with charm and wit. They come directly from the computer screen or the laboratory to the stage to fascinate you. Who will convince you the most, who will win your heart?

Location: Large Lecture Hall (room 0.3.12)

Exprements & Projects


Image Credit: FB Physik, David Ausserhofer

In the photosynthesis of plants, algae and cyanobacteria, energy-rich biomolecules and oxygen are produced from water and CO2. Light serves as the energy source. Here we use small experiments to show you which mechanisms photosynthetic organisms have developed in order to use the entire color spectrum of light.

Location: Niche at the 1st floor window between wings 1 and 2

Nürnberg's Lab

Laser im Physiklabor

Laser im Physiklabor

If people are talking in a room, the window panes partially absorb the sound and thus resonate. The extremely small deflections of the pane can be measured using laser beams. This method can be used not only to make sound waves visible, but also to determine mechanical material properties.

Location: Upper floor, tract 3

Kampfrath's Lab


Image Credit: Giorgio Trovato; Unsplash

This scientific demonstration illuminates the fascinating properties of light, particularly its composition, polarization and interaction with matter. Remarkably, this can be achieved using a common household substance - sugar water. What is polarization? Why does sugar water twist light in a preferred direction? Why depends this on the color of light?

Ort: vor der Brücke, 1. Stock zwischen Trakt 1 und 3

AG Seiler, Trideep Kawde

FU Berlin Physics Research

FU Berlin Physics Research

Hands-on experiments in front of the labs:

  • High-power lasers: Adjust the beam paths and create a laser beam in your favourite colour!
  • Ever seen blue gold? The size makes the colour!

Location: in front of rooms 1.1.43 and 1.1.49

Research Group Reich

Rundgang mit verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Stationen

Rundgang mit verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Stationen

We deal with the theory of kinetics of biological soft matter systems and resort to the topic of randomness for this purpose.

In addition to experiments on probability distributions, we offer interactive virtual reality experiments on random motion using the diffusion of molecules as an example.

Netz's Lab

Location: Upper floor, tract 3


Quiz zu "Frauen in der Physik"

Quiz zu "Frauen in der Physik"

What do natural sciences in general and physics in particular have to do with gender? Test your knowledge in the interactive Science Quiz!

The quiz takes place continuously between 6 and 10 p.m., duration: approx. 5 minutes.

Location: upper floor in front of seminar room E1

Contact: Dr. Tanja Kubes

Research Group Erlemann

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2023: Die Fachschaftsinitiative (FSI) lädt zu Gesprächen ein.

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2023: Die Fachschaftsinitiative (FSI) lädt zu Gesprächen ein.

The students' union FSI offers exciting discussions about the subject and the study of physics.

Location: Atrium at Arnimallee 14

Lab Tours

A trick from modern physics allows us to "see" individual atoms: a scanning tunnelling microscope feels the atoms by means of a fine metal tip and converts this information into images. We can also move individual atoms in a targeted manner and use them to build nanostructures that open up completely new technical applications.

Location: Room 0.3.16

Research Group Franke

Physikprofessorin Dr. Katharina Franke im Labor

Physikprofessorin Dr. Katharina Franke im Labor

Prof. Kuch's Lab

Prof. Kuch's Lab

Find out how hard disks store information, what new concepts there are for magnetic data storage and what role atomically thin magnetic layers play in this. Observe how these can be explored in ultra-high vacuum using laser beams and how their magnetic properties can be improved.

Research Group Kuch

Location: Room 1.2.30

Logo AG AE

Logo AG AE

We study the atmospheres and environmental conditions of other planets and not only simulate them in our laboratory, but also use the International Space Station ISS for experiments outside the protective atmosphere of Earth. One of the exciting questions is: Is there (or was there) life on these planets?

Location: Room 1.4.14

Research Group Elsaesser

FU Berlin - PhD in Physics

FU Berlin - PhD in Physics

On a tour of our laboratory, we take you on our search for the needle in the haystack: How can we study the movement of tiny hydrogen ions in a protein?

Laboratory tours every hour from 6 to 10 p.m. starting from room 1.1.25

Heberle's Lab



Collaborative research centers present an exposition of scientific projects and show exciting findings.

SFB 1078 - Proteinfunktion durch Protonierungsdynamik

SFB 1078 - Proteinfunktion durch Protonierungsdynamik

In deciphering the functioning of proteins, the nanomachines of our body, the movement of hydrogen ions (protons) plays a significant role.

We explain the theory and show you, through some experiments, the properties of protons and our methods of analysis that allow to uncover the secrets of our proteins.

Location: corridor before the room 1.1.25

Referent Jens Balke

Details about SFB 1078


Image Credit: SFB/TRR 227

Spintronics refers to a new form of information processing based not on the charge but on the magnetic moment ("spin") of electrons.
The Collaborative Research Center/TRR 227 "Ultrafast Spin Dynamics" investigates the physical basis for this on the shortest time scales, as we will show you in demonstration experiments.

Location: seminar room E2 (1.1.53)

Details about SFB/TRR 227

Collaborative Research Centres, or CRC, are long-term university-based research institutions established for up to 12 years in which researchers work together within a multidisciplinary research programme.

More details on our research consortia

Grill am FB Physik

Grill am FB Physik

"Physicists' Inn"

Large barbecue and cake stand with drinks. Good mood guaranteed!

Location: Courtyard at Arnimallee 14

Free entry for prospective students

Are you thinking about studying with us? You are welcome to get to know our department. Please register for your special free ticket.