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TRR 227: Prof. Xin Fan "My Transversely-Polarized Spin Current Generation from Ferromagnetic Metals"

30.09.2022 | 14:15
Prof. Xin Fan, University of Denver

Prof. Xin Fan, University of Denver

Prof. Xin Fan von der Universität in Denver, USA wird im Vortrag seine experimentellen Beobachtungen von zwei einzigartigen transversalen Spin-Bahn-Effekten vorstellen: 1) Spin-Ladungs-Umwandlung mit unkonventioneller Spin-Rotationssymmetrie; 2) die Erzeugung eines anomalen Spin-Bahn-Drehmoments in einem einschichtigen Magnetfilm.

My Transversely-Polarized Spin Current Generation from Ferromagnetic Metals

Xin Fan, University of Denver

The anomalous Hall effect, discovered by Edwin Hall in 1880, describes a phenomenon that an electric current perpendicular to magnetization of a magnetic material can produce a charge accumulation in the direction orthogonal to both electric current and magnetization. Through century-long theoretical and experimental efforts, it is now understood that the anomalous Hall effect arises from the spin-orbit coupling.

The understanding of the anomalous Hall effect has also led to the discovery of new spin-orbit effects, such as the spin Hall effect, where an electric current generates spin accumulations in nonmagnetic materials. The spin Hall effect also exists in ferromagnetic materials, in a more complicated and interesting way. There exist a group of spin-orbit effects associated with transverse spins – spins polarized perpendicular to the magnetization, which we refer to this group of spin-orbit effects as transverse-spin-orbit effects in magnetic materials.

In my talk, I will present our experimental observations of two unique transverse spin-orbit effects: (1) spin-to-charge interconversion with unconventional spin rotation symmetry and (2) the generation of anomalous spin-orbit torque in a single-layer magnetic film – a hidden counterpart to the anomalous Hall effect. I will also discuss the impact of these effects on the understanding of general spin-charge conversion phenomena.

Zeit & Ort

30.09.2022 | 14:15

Hörsaal A (Raum 1.3.14)
Fachbereich Physik
Arnimallee 14
14195 Berlin

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Gastgeber: Prof. Martin Weinelt, TRR 227


  • ferromagnetic metals
  • spin
  • talk
  • transversely-polarized
  • Ultrafast Spin Dynamics
  • University of Denver
  • Xin Fan