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Berufungsvortrag Prof. Dr. Silke Biermann

01.07.2014 | 10:00 s.t - 11:00

Im Rahmen des Besetzungsverfahrens einer W3-Professur für das Fachgebiet Theoretische Physik im Fachbereich Physik mit dem Schwerpunkt “Physik stark-korrelierter Elektronensysteme” hält

Prof. Dr. Silke Biermann

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Electronic Structure calculations for correlated materials - where do we stand? 


Electronic structure calculations for correlated electron materials have witnessed tremendous progress in recent years due to the development of combined density functional and many body theories. We will give an introduction to the field, with applications to transition metal compounds and f-electron systems [1].

 Making such calculations truly predictive requires to treat the Coulomb interactions (and screening thereof) entirely from first principles, that is, without using adjustable parameters. We will describe some recent developments along these lines, focussing in particular on the description of dynamical screening effects [2].

Finally, we will point out further perspectives and future directions in the field.

 [1] S. Biermann, in: First principles approaches to spectroscopic properties of complex materials, Topics in Current Chemistry Series. Edited by S. Botti, M. Cococcioni, C. Di Valentin, Springer (2014).

[2] S. Biermann, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 26 173202 (2014), Invited Topical Review.

Zeit & Ort

01.07.2014 | 10:00 s.t - 11:00

Hörsaal A (1.3.14), Arnimallee 14, 14195 Berlin