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Many body theory and quantum field theory SoSe 2018

Important: All lectures and tutorials associated with this class will be held in HS B, effective immediately!

Week of June 4: Lectures on Mo, Th, tutorial Fr

Week of June 11: No lecture on Mo, Tutorial on Th 10-12, Lectures (double feature 10-14) on Fr

Week of June 18: Lectures Mo and Fr 10-12, Tutorial Fr 12-14 (no lecture on Th)

Weeks of June 25 and July 2: No lectures, tutorial as usual Fr 12-14 (compensated by additional lectures on April 27, May 11, May 25, June 1)

Week of July 9: Lecture Mo, Exam Th, Tutorial Fr 12-14

Week of July 16: Lectures Th and Fr 10-12, tutorial Fr 12-14

Lectures: Monday 10-12 and Thursday 10-12

There will frequently be additional lectures on Friday 10-12 in HS B (eventually replacing regular lectures). These lectures will be announced in advance on this webpage.

Tutorials: Friday 12-14 (HS B)

Exam: Thursday July 12, 2018, 10-12 (HS B) - will be based on a paper from the literature on superconductivity (Josephson effect)   EXAM RESULTS

SECOND EXAM: Thursday, July 26, 2018, 1pm (meeting point: office 1.4.11) PLEASE REGISTER BY JULY 20 via email to FvO !

Basic info: pdf

Lecture notes:

Chapter 1: pdf

Chapter 2: pdf

Chapter 3: pdf

Chapter 4: pdf

Chapter 5: pdf

Chapter 6: pdf

Chapter 7: pdf

Chapter 8: pdf

Chapter 9: pdf

Chapter 10: pdf

Chapter 11: pdf

Chapter 12: pdf

Chapter 13: pdf

Chapter 14: pdf

Chapter 15: pdf

Chapter X: pdf

Problem sets:

Problem set 1: pdf

Problem set 2: pdf

Problem set 3: pdf solutions

Problem set 4: pdf solutions

Problem set 5: pdf solutions

Problem set 6: pdf solutions (partial)

Problem set 7: pdf solutions solutions

Problem set 8: pdf solutions

Problem set 9: pdf solutions

Problem set 10: pdf solutions

Problem set 11: pdf solutions

Problem set 12: pdf (exam preparation!) with companion paper (solutions see Chapter X)