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Why pursue a Master's in Physics at Freie Universität Berlin?

Students of Physics

Students of Physics
Image Credit: David Ausserhofer

✓ university recognized in Germany Excellence Initiative  ✓ no tuition fees   ✓ great perspectives in research and high-tech industry

Work Within Top Research Groups

During the research phase, you will join one of the 30 research groups in our Department. You will work closely with postgraduates and professors and learn to perform independently in your chosen field of physics.

Encouraging and Supportive Scientific Community

Our teaching staff is accessible and supportive. We encourage individual choices and inspire students to take advantage of our department’s ample opportunities for international collaboration and networking.

Open-Minded and Vibrant – Just Like Berlin

Approximately 200 master's students, 60% of whom are international, are currently enrolled in our Master's Program. The teaching language is English.

Master's Program

Application period for M.Sc.: 15.04.2024 – 15.08.2024

75 Years of Physics at the "German Oxford" — Advancing Insights into Nature

Today's basic research lays the foundation for future innovations. For us, new physics students are the innovators of tomorrow. We integrate new talents into our research community during their bachelor's and master's studies, preparing them for complex roles in research. We sharpen their eye for sustainable solutions and novel technical developments. We promote competence, creativity, and a responsible approach to the environment.

Rooted in a Breakthrough Physics Tradition

Initially, physicists at Freie Universität Berlin were housed in the buildings of the former Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics, where Max Planck and Albert Einstein once worked. Today, the Physics Department is a diverse community that promotes free thinking and encourages a passion for innovation.

French-German Double-Degree Program

Institut Polytechnique de Paris + Freie Universität Berlin
4 semesters: one year in Germany + one year in France

Student Advisory Service at the Department of Physics

Our student advisor answers questions about studying physics and gives tips for a good start to your studies.

Mentors and help

Mentors will support you on your way to graduation. Besides, there are many other people who support students during their studies.