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Disputation Alexander Jahn

26.02.2021 | 10:30
Thema der Dissertation:
Quantum Information Approaches to Holographic Dualities
Abstract: Holographic dualities have driven high energy theory research for many years but have only recently become intertwined with quantum information ideas. At the center of this connection is a representation of entanglement and quantum error correction in critical theories by higher-dimensional quantities with gravitational features.
In this talk, I present three approaches made possible by this convergence of physical fields: First, it is shown how holographic methods relate computations of entanglement entropy to geometrical problems in hyperbolically curved gravitational systems, leading to insights regarding excitations in strongly correlated quantum field theory.
Second, we will see how tensor network methods augmented with the machinery of Gaussian states can be used to reproduce holographic features and give rise to critical ground states in new and unexpected ways.
Third, I give an overview of holographic quantum error correction and show how toy models thereof can be understood from a both a high energy and condensed matter perspective. In the context of the latter, I elaborate how certain holographic codes realize a fermionic version of the strong disorder renormalization group which gives its boundary states an underlying quasiregular structure, suggesting new notions of discretized conformal field theory.

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26.02.2021 | 10:30