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Physikalisches Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Carsten Timm - Fermi surfaces in superconductors

09.06.2023 | 15:00 c.t.
Prof. Dr. Carsten Timm

Prof. Dr. Carsten Timm
Bildquelle: Carsten Timm

TU Dresden

In dem Vortrag wird gezeigt, dass Supraleiter nicht nur Fermi-Flächen haben können, sondern diese auch allgemein für eine bestimmte Klasse von Materialien auftreten. Prof. Timm wird einen Überblick über das Phänomen geben und die Physik der Bogoliubov-Fermi-Flächen erklären.

Conventionally, we think of Fermi surfaces as being the hallmark of normal metals, whereas superconductors have a gap towards quasiparticle excitations. In this talk, I will show that not only can superconductors have Fermi surfaces but these appear generically for a certain class of materials. The states at these Fermi surfaces do not describe bare electrons but Bogoliubov quasiparticles, i.e., superpositions of electrons and holes. The Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces appear for inversion-symmetric multiband superconductors that break time-reversal symmetry.

I will give an overview over the physics of this phenomenon, touching upon its physical explanation in terms of a pseudomagnetic field, associated topological invariants, and its instability against lattice deformations and towards other superconducting states. Moreover, I will contrast the phenomenon to Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces in materials without inversion symmetry, which have been proposed by G. Volovik, among others. Experimental signatures and candidate materials will also be discussed.

Zeit & Ort

09.06.2023 | 15:00 c.t.

Hörsaal A (Raum 1.3.14)
Fachbereich Physik
Arnimallee 14
14195 Berlin


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