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IN ENGLISCH - Everything Bio-Logical


Bildquelle: Unsplash: Maros Misove

Workshop "How I turned from a schoolgirl into a scientist in computational biophysics"

Prof. Cecilia Clementi and a group of female graduate students in Clementi’s group will  be happy to share their background, their motivation and their journey to becoming a natural scientist with you, to demonstrate that this path can be a great choice and option for women to follow in the future.

They will also introduce their research area at Freie Universität in theoretical and computational biophysics, describing what they are working towards, the specific questions they are considering and the different methods they are developing, such as coarse graining and machine learning.

They would be happy to talk about women in STEM and discuss some examples of female scientists. Finally, they will bring you closer to the topic of biophysics with some practical activities to experience the everyday life of a researcher.


AG Clementi