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Disputation Peter Jürgens

10.12.2020 | 14:30
Titel der Dissertation:
Strong-field induced plasma formation in solid dielectrics
The buildup of an electron-hole plasma during the interaction of a solid dielectric with intense, ultrashort laser pulses entails a wealth of successive processes. The dynamics of the strong-field-induced plasma are thereby of utmost importance for both fundamental research as well as for optimizing industrial applications. This thesis aims at elucidating the relative contribution of the two major excitation mechanisms – strong-field and electron-impact ionization – to the generation of an electron-hole plasma in strong-field driven solid dielectrics. As a main result of my thesis the previously unreported ionization current is identified as the main source of low-order harmonic generation in strongly excited SiO¬2 and is analyzed to reconstruct the strong-field-induced plasma dynamics on a sub-optical-cycle timescale.

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10.12.2020 | 14:30